In a technology driven world with the onset of this pandemic, Medical Efficiency has significantly improved a lot. Nonwovens have proved to be the most superior to woven products in terms of disposability, adaptability, effectiveness and cost. Being Anti-microbial/anti-bacterial, Anti-static, Biodegradable, Flame retardant and Hydrophilic it also comes with Custom colors.

Varna Bags presents a wide range of non woven polypropylene spun bond fabric in front of our clients that has excellent usage in medical scenarios. We endow with the products of non woven fabric for medical aspects such as Surgical Cap, Bouffant Cap, Surgical Scrub Cap, Surgical Masks, Surgical Gowns, Disposal Bed Spreads, Surgical Scrub Caps, Medico Apron, Blue Apron, Fabric for Medical, Medico Shoes, Shoe Cover, Disposable Shoe Cover etc., have excellent material goods of skin-friendliness with improved finishes including liquid repellent, virus proof and bacterial barrier properties.