Varna Bags ensures the safeguard of your healthy crops and vegetables. Slender, lightweight, water and air permeable agricultural non woven fabric protects your crops from risky frosts, hail storms and high winds, along with prohibiting the hindrance of insects and pests.

Varna Bags Non Woven Polypropylene Fabric promotes an organic farming of agriculture with healthy intense in the growth of fruits and vegetables in greenhouses, by adapting soil-less growing methods. Their protective nature means that the need for pesticides is reduced and manual labor is kept to a minimum.

Varna Bags offers variety of products of non woven fabric for agriculture such as Floating Row Cover, Fruit Protection Cover, Row Covers, Seed Trays, Weed Control Fabric, Frost Protection Cover, Crop Cover, Banana Bunch Covers, Plant Starter Trays, Seed Starting Trays etc., enhance an organic way of production. Our non woven fabric product is having the flexible elastic ends for complete coverage area of the greenhouse environment i.e. Easy to spread on crops, very light, flexible sheets are laid over seed beds. In which the ambient temperature under the fleece is up to 2°C warmer to create a microclimate in which the heat and humidity are controlled than the outside temperature. This increases both yield and crop quality.